Q&A session with Sharlene Bauer of Hunt Mortgage

I had the opportunity this week to sit down with Sharlene Bauer of Hunt Mortgage and ask her a few questions regarding mortgages. There will be many more segments to come so stay tuned for more detailed information.

Q: Why do you need to be pre-approved for a mortgage before house hunting?

A: First of all, knowledge is power, and as a consumer you need to know your buying power. Also, the seller has the right to know if you are qualified to purchase the home. Finally, after a conversation with Sharlene you’ll know what steps you need to take to meet your expectations.

Q: What will your mortgage consultant ask?

A: Your mortgage consultant will inquire about 4 aspects of your buying power. Your income, assets, debt, and credit will be reviewed. It is a good idea to have your income and asset information gathered prior to an interview with your mortgage consultant. Your debt and credit will be reviewed when your credit report is pulled.

Q: Are there different mortgage products available?

A: Yes, and your mortgage consultant is a specialist at identifying the best product to meet your needs.

Q: Why use Hunt Mortgage?

A: We are a mortgage banker who has access to 12-15 lending institutions, nationwide and locally, and not every lending institution matches the needs of every customer profile.

To get started on the mortgage process today, feel free to contact Sharlene Bauer at 716-481-7010 or by email at sharlene.bauer@huntmortgage.com and for all of your real estate needs I can be reached at 716-809-0300 or by email at michael.devlin@huntrealestate.com


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