The Spring market is here

The birds are chirping. The snow is melting, and the green grass is starting to return. This means that the spring real estate market is upon us. You’ll hear Realtors talk about the spring market and how it is the perfect time to sell your home. This is true, the time is now.

While buyers are out all winter too, the spring market is when the real estate world really heats up. People enjoy seeing the landscaping on homes come to life, and how pretty the backyard is while sitting on the deck. Let’s face it, homes and yards are just more beautiful in the spring and summer months.

One thing to remember if you’re getting ready to sell your home this spring is to do your yard clean up. Even the little things can make a big difference when selling your home, such as raking any residual leaves and freshening up your landscaping. You may want to give your driveway and sidewalks a good washing too to clear up any residual salt and debris.

With the sun shining and the days growing longer you can also take advantage of longer showing hours. People enjoy seeing the house they’re considering in the day light to really get a feel for it. This also brings to light any cosmetic defects that may be present, so you’ll want to make sure your paint is refreshed and your gutters and roof are in good shape. Not only do these things add to the visual appeal of your home, they help the buyers see that you maintain your home and help prevent any issues from popping up during the inspection.

Open houses are a huge part of the spring market. Buyers on their Sunday drive (yes people still do that) will often frequent open houses. This can be an enjoyable process for a buyer, having their windows down, music turned up, cruising neighborhoods looking for their new home. You’ll want to take advantage of this benefit of the spring market.

While selling your house in the winter is certainly doable there is nothing better than a hot spring market, and the real estate market is heating up now. If you’re considering selling your home this spring feel free to give me a call today at 716-809-0300 or email me at

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